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Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi, 6 E Ink Display - includes Special Offers & Sponsored

Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi, 6
Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi, 6

Customer Evaluations

My review is now over a year old, as is the "Kindle Keyboard" as Amazon calls it now. There are newer models: the standard, cheapie Kindle and the Kindle Touch, and of course the Kindle Fire quasi-tablet.
Every single of these models is an good option. Whichever a single is correct for you just depends on your preferences.
The 3 e-ink Kindles are Kindle Keyboard (this 1), Kindle Touch (the newest "flagship" model), and the basic Kindle. All three of them have Precisely THE Similar 6" DISPLAY, with the similar sharp typeface and high contrast that reads like ink on paper with no eyestrain. The Kindle Keyboard is the oldest of these models, and I got one particular of the to begin with ones when they came out in August 2010.
I nonetheless definitely Adore my Kindle Keyboard and use it almost every single day. I have read dozens of books on it. I like the newer models, they have some neat functions, but the encounter of reading a book on them is no greater or worse than on my 1-year-old Kindle Keyboard. Page turns are now smoother and more rapidly on the newest Kindles, but the distinction is not enough to make it worth the expense of upgrading, in my opinion.
The touch-screen interface of the Kindle Touch is quite neat. But, unlike my iPad, I only use my Kindle to read books, and reading books is just as good on any of the present Kindle models. I do not consider the touch screen a "need to have" feature, and I am generally obsessed with having the most current version of each tech item I personal.
For that reason, I think the cheapest Kindle is an wonderful option. It has much less memory than the Keyboard or Touch, but it has a lot enough for 100s of books, and of course you continually get no cost storage in the Amazon cloud for any books that you do not have to have to have on your device at this moment, such as books you have already read. All your Kindle books are automatically stored in Amazon's cloud, whether they're on your device or not, and obtaining them back on your device is super-simple, regardless of which Kindle model you have.
If this will be your first e-reader, you can decide on one of these Kindle models or the Barnes and Noble Nook Basic Touch. The Nook Uncomplicated Touch has the exact same 6" e-ink display as the 3 Kindle models, but completely different typefaces. I assume the letters are a small sharper on the Kindles, but the Nook Rather simple Touch typefaces are also really readable, plus you get a few alot more alternatives of typefaces compared to the Kindle.
The "Nook Very first Edition" is nevertheless obtainable at a steeply discounted cost, but it is a poor performer by today's standards. (You wouldn't decide to buy an "ipod 1st edition," except possibly as a collector's item, would you?)
Those are the e-ink Kindles and Nooks. Of course, you could possibly be contemplating one particular of the quasi-tablets, Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet. Each are exceptional, both have their strengths. Nook Tablet's major benefit is it has twice the internal memory as Kindle Fire - but BN only lets you use a smaller fraction of it for third-party content, whereas you can use all of KF's readily available memory for 3rd party content. And, KF is more reasonable.
In my opinion, the true deciding factor among a Kindle item and a Nook item is not any certain feature of the hardware or computer software - each product families are outstanding. The genuine choice point is irrespective of whether you prefer living in Amazon's universe or Barnes Noble's. Content you purchase from Amazon only functions with Kindles, even though content material you obtain from BN only operates with Nooks.
Both universes have their advantages, so it is a matter of individual preference. BN's main advantage is you can take your device into your nearby BN retailer and get genuine assistance from a human becoming. But Amazon has devoted customer service lines for Kindle assistance and you can get a true human on the phone quite easily (in my expertise), and they are really beneficial. Plus, Kindles and Nooks are frequently quite uncomplicated to use, so you'll likely require incredibly tiny tech support.
I am currently heavily invested into the Amazon universe, getting purchased quite a few dozens of Kindle books plus, I have an Amazon prime membership, which to my household is particularly worth the cost (you get cost-free streaming video of Television shows and movies plus unlimited no cost two-day air shipping on most Amazon purchases). So if my Kindle were lost or stolen, I'd order one more Kindle product rather than a Nook item.
Whatever you get, you will probably be content. The selections accessible now are very superior, and costs are better than ever. It really is hard to believe that the basic Kindle at only 79 bucks performs much better and costs 1/3 as much as the now two-year-old Kindle 2 (an older, slightly larger version of the Kindle Keyboard).
If you are thinking of the Kindle keyboard, you can read my original evaluation of it below. (Sorry it's so extended!) The "nook" it refers to is the "Nook 1st edition," which was fine in 2009 but is a poor selection by the standards of presently accessible Nook and Kindle models.
If you are attempting to decide on in between a Nook and a Kindle, perhaps I can support. My wife and I have owned a Nook (the original one), a Kindle two, and a Kindle DX. When Amazon announced the Kindle 3 this summer, we pre-ordered two Kindle 3's: the wi-fi only model in graphite, and the wi-fi + 3G model in white. They arrived in late August and we have applied them particularly regularly because then. For us, Kindle is superior than Nook, but Nook is a very good device with its own benefits that I will discuss below. I'll finish this critique with a handful of words about the Nook Color.
1st, reasons why we prefer the Kindle:
In our expertise, the Kindle is quite zippy compared to the Nook. Page refresh speed (the time it takes a new page to appear just after you push the page-turn button) was WAY quicker on Kindle two than on Nook, and it is quicker yet on Kindle three. Yet, I read a entire book on the Nook and didn't acquire the slower page refresh to be annoying - you get made use of to it, and it really is not a predicament.
For me, the additional valuable speed difference issues navigation - moving the cursor about the screen, for example to pick a book from your library, or to jump to a chapter by choosing it in the table of contents. On Kindle, you do this by pushing a five-way rocker button, and the cursor moves particularly immediately. On Nook, you do this by activating the color LCD touchscreen (which ordinarily shuts off when not in use, to conserve battery). A "virtual rocker button" appears on the screen, and you touch it to move the cursor. Sadly, the Nook cursor moves extremely sluggishly. This may well not be a major deal to you, but it genuinely got annoying to me, especially considering that my wife's Kindle was so fast and responsive.
In November 2010, Nook got a software upgrade that increases page refresh speed and tends to make navigation far more responsive. I returned my Nook months ago, so I cannot tell you if the Nook's performance is now equal to the Kindle's, but Nook owners in the comments section have convinced me that the software program update improves the expertise of using the Nook. If efficiency is a major element in your choice, pay a visit to a Top Purchase and compare Kindle and Nook side by side.
Screen contrast
You've observed Amazon's claims that the Kindle 3 e-ink has 50% superior contrast than Kindle two or other e-ink devices. I have no way of precisely measuring the improvement in contrast, but I can tell you that the Kindle 3 display most certainly has alot more contrast than Kindle two or Nook. The distinction is noticeable, and necessary: far more screen contrast signifies less eyestrain when reading in poorly lit rooms.
In well-lit rooms, the Nook and Kindle 2 have enough contrast to allow for comfy reading. But I regularly read in low-light conditions, like in bed at night, or in a poorly lit room. In these circumstances, reading on Nook or Kindle 2 was a bit uncomfortable and usually gave me a mild headache. When I got the Kindle 3, the extra contrast was right away noticeable, and created it a lot more comfortable to read under less-than-perfect lighting conditions. (If you go with a Nook, just make confident you have a wonderful reading lamp nearby.)
Battery life
The Nook's color LCD touch screen drains its battery rapidly - I could never get a lot more than 5 days out of a charge. The Kindle 2 had longer battery life than the Nook, and Kindle three has even longer life: in the 3 months considering that we received our Kindle 3's, we typically get three weeks of battery life amongst charges. (We preserve wireless off about half the time to save battery power.)
Nook weighs about three ounces much more than the new Kindle, and you can truly feel the difference. Without a case, Nook is nevertheless light enough to hold in 1 hand for lengthy reading sessions without having fatigue. But in a case, Nook is a heavy sucker. The new Kindle three is so light, even in a case, we locate it comfy holding in 1 hand for lengthy reading sessions.
Reasons some many people might possibly prefer the Nook:
In-retailer expertise
If you need help with your nook, you can take it to any barnes and noble and get a real human to assist. You can take your nook into the coffee shop section of your nearby BN store and read any book for cost-free for up to one hour per day. When you take your nook to BN, some in-shop special offers and the occasional totally free book pop up on your screen.
User-replaceable battery
Rechargeable batteries sooner or later lose their ability to hold a charge. Nook's battery is user-replaceable and fairly inexpensive. To replace Kindle's battery, Amazon wants you to ship your Kindle to Amazon, and they will ship you back a Numerous Kindle than the 1 you sent (it really is the identical model, for example if you send a white Kindle three,... Read more›

I researched the obtain of a Kindle for a lengthy time. I couldn't make a decision whether or not or not it was worth buying a devoted e-reader. Boy am I glad I produced this purchase. The downside to Amazon's internet selling of Kindle 3 is that the consumers do not get to see it in person. It is much superior in individual. This may sound stupid, but when I got my new Kindle, I thought there was a stuck-on overlay on the screen containing a diagram of the unit's buttons, etc. I basically tried to peel it off. Doh! The e-ink on this unit is THAT wonderful. I did not recognize that I was staring at the actual display. I also did not understand that no power is needed till the display alterations. (thus the terrific battery life) I do a lot of reading, but was facing the prospect of reading much less or getting huge sort books considering of my variable and deteriorating eyesight. The new Kindle has been a godsend. Now, I can determine the size of sort I need to have depending on my level of fatigue among other things. The weight and ergonomics are highly great. For somebody, like me, with neuropathy in his hands, it is particularly simple to manage and enjoyable to own. To me, it is less complicated to read than print books. The ease of navigation is wonderful as is the speed. The battery life, so far, has been extraordinary. It conveniently connected to our dwelling Wi-Fi, which by style does not broadcast an SSID. It downloads books so rapid that I virtually believed they had been not entirely received. I did not obtain the 3G version considering that of the cost distinction and the reality that there is no coverage exactly where I live. If you are not regularly traveling, I don't see the have to have to invest the added bucks, but that is a matter of individual choice. For those who have no Wi-Fi at dwelling, don't forget that you can consistently download the material to your computer and transfer it via USB. Just right now I was watching an interview with Tony Blair on Tv. He was talking about his new book, which sounded fascinating. I picked up the Kindle and downloaded a totally free sample before the interview was over. I have only read the preface so far, but will possibly get the book. Now THAT is a superb way to buy a book! I haven't made use of internet browsing extensively yet, but locate it reasonable for what the device is. This is primarily a book reader, not a laptop or notebook. They are wonderful for what they do, but can not match the e-ink display, or the light weight. For those of you worrying about the wait for the new Kindle, let me finish with, "It is worth the wait" This new Kindle is all about the good quality of encounter. There are several format alternatives for electronic reading. If you want the most effective experience, go with the Kindle.

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